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Graphic Specifications

Electronic Art Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to assist those responsible for the development of package design of electronic artwork for print and converting.  Use of these standards will insure the best quality printed packaging at the most economical price.

Format and Programs-

Macintosh platform is preferred.  All applications listed in their most recent versions are preferred.  The document color mode should be CMYK, not RGB.  If using a PC platform, convert all fonts to outlines and save files as EPS.

File Formats: .ai, and .eps

Applications: Adobe Illustrator (preferred), Adobe Photoshop, Freehand, and QuarkXPress.


All fonts used MUST be supplied with every file.  Both the printer and screen fonts are required.  If special typefaces are used for creative logos and art, outline your fonts to prevent reflow and font matching issues.  Use only true postscript fonts throughout.  False bolds, false italics, etc. should not be used.          


All EPS, TIFF high resolution CMYK, JPEG, and PSD scanned images must be included with the files.  RGB mode is not suitable for prepress.  If images are linked or embedded within a design, the original images must be supplied.  Logos, bar codes, etc. should be created or converted as art elements within the original program. Scans should be high resolution of at least 300 dpi based on 100% size.   Scans supplied less than 100% size will need to have a high enough resolution so when enlarged image will equal 300dpi.


The document color mode should be CMYK. RGB color is not suitable for prepress.  PMS spot colors should be used form the Pantone Solid Coated Library.  Unused colors must be removed from the files.


Sending Files-

Files can be supplied on the following medias: CD and DVD.  If sending files via e-mail, the size should be 5MB or smaller.  To prevent file corruption, it is important to compress (zip or stuff) your files.  All files must be accompanied with a hard copy proof or low resolution PDF for reference.  This guarantees issues such as font substitution and font re-flow are identified before proceeding to printing.  You can access our FTP from your web browser or FTP software.  Again, to prevent file corruption, it is important to compress (zip or stuff) your files before sending them via FTP. 

UPC Codes-

All UPC and bar codes should be scaled at 100% or larger to guarantee scanning and should be marked on art files as FPO (For Position Only).  Bar codes must be 1 color.  Background and bar colors must be contrasting to allow proper scanning.


A Hard Copy high quality composite proof must accompany all materials submitted.  File match cannot be guaranteed if a proof is not provided.  Color proofs should be sent with all files.  PMS colors should be defined in the file.  This includes any builds, tints, gradients or overprints.  A low resolutions PDF for reference can be provided as well.

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