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Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches – Stand up Pouches are usually of multi-layer Barrier Films, depending on the product requirements, offered with or without a re-closeable zipper seal. SUP’s are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with various different features.

It is a preferred bag because they use so much less material than other traditional packaging methods like cartons or boxes, giving the retailer the opportunity to display their product and maximize shelf space, offering a tremendous opportunity for branding and merchandising at a reduced cost. Pouches are shipped flat, minimizing costs of freight and warehousing.

Stand up Pouches have three fundamental measurements: width, height, and bottom gusset.

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Bottom Gusset – The bottom gusset is the additional material at the bottom of the bag which gives it its capacity for expansion. Stand up pouches can be made to meet your exact specifications, but typically the bottom gusset of the pouch is one of three different styles: Round Bottom Gusset, K-Seal Bottom, or Plow Bottom. Whichever you choose depends on the type and weight of product you plan to house within it. Here is a brief description of each style to help you determine which is best for you:

- Round Bottom Gusset / Doyen Style - In this style, the edge of the gusset is welded to the sides of the supporting walls, giving the package the extra strength and support it needs to stand up. Stand up pouches made with the round bottom gusset are considered the most common in the industry and are ideal for products weighing less than one pound.

K-Seal Bottom Gusset - If your product exceeds a certain weight, you may wish to consider using stand up pouches with a K-Seal bottom gusset. In this style, seals on both sides rise at 30-degree angles from the bag. This takes stress off the seals on either side of the package, and allows for additional volume.

- Plow Bottom Gusset / Plough Bottom Gusset - Also known as a corner seal, this style of stand up pouch is made from just one piece of film so there is no seal at the gusset, making it especially popular with manufacturers of granular products like sugar or salt. In this style of stand up pouch, the product housed in the package sits directly on the shelf. It is ideal for products weighing more than one pound.

Closures – Stand up Pouches can be supplied open, to be heat-sealed following filling, or can have a closure applied. Closure might be a press-down zipper in one or two tracks; or a slider zipper for resealing purposes. Hermetic zippers are also available, depending on the requirements of the product being packed.

Hang Holes and Handles – Hang Holes and Handles come in multiple different styles and sizes.

Tear Notch – A Tear Notch is used for easy open of the Stand up Pouch.

Laser Scoring – Laser Scoring assures a straight line when opening a Stand up Pouch. Laser Scoring does not affect the barrier of the film.

Die Cut – Die Cut shapes are available.

Fitments / Spouts – Drinking or Pouring Spouts are a means of dispensing liquid from a Stand up Pouch, eliminating the rigid containers, which minimize the costs of freight, and warehousing, thereby reducing overall costs. Various styles and sizes of fitments and spouts are available, depending on the products requirements.

Window – Windows are available in many shapes and sizes for product visibility.

Wickets – Wicketed bags are stacked and bound together for automatic dispensing purposes. There is a lip where holes are punched for the wicketed bags to be placed on the wickets. Wicketed bags are usually used for semi automatic or automatic filling applications at high speeds. Sizes of the lip and holes can be custom ordered.

Micro Perforation / Vent Holes – Micro Perforation, both Hot Needle or Laser, and Vent Holes are available for products requiring additional ventilation. The number of perforations and dimensions of the holes can be custom ordered, depending on the products barrier requirements.

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