Northeast Packaging Materials has been a leading manufacturer and importer of laminated films and pouches for a wide array of industries.


Rollstock – Rollstock is used on automatic Horizontal and Vertical Form, Fill & Seal or Horizontal Bag & Pouch Making Equipment to form the desired end product.  These are manufactured in a variety of Different Structures, custom web widths and repeats or cutoffs, both in printed and un-printed laminations.  Printed laminations are offered in both Surface and Reverse Printing.  Various Rewind Options are available upon equipment requirements.        


  • Rollstock with Zipper Applied – Rollstock can be manufactured with a Zipper Pre-Applied to the rolls, affording the customer the flexibility of packing on any type of Horizontal and Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Equipment.
  • Cold Seal & Heat Seal – Patterned Cold Seal is an adhesive applied to all four sides of an impression for EZ Sealing and EZ Peeling.  Cold Seal is most often used in the Candy and Power Bar Industries, as well as the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries.  Heat Seal is when the films are adhered to themselves using a heat application.
  • MATT Finish & Glossy Finish, or Combination – A no-gloss finish without luster is known as MATT Finish. The MATT Finish only has a slight sheen and mutes the color to an extent. Colors often appear softer on a MATT Finish. Text can be easier to read on MATT Finish than on glossier finishes.   A Glossy Finish is ultra shiny and really brings out the color in designs.  

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