Northeast Packaging Materials has been a leading manufacturer and importer of laminated films and pouches for a wide array of industries.

Pillow Bag

Pillow Bag – Pillow bags are formed in the shape of a pillow with a bottom, top and back seal.  The back seal runs along the length of the bag and forms either a “Fin” sealor “Lap” seal


  • RollStock - Used on Horizontal and Vertical Form Fill and Seal Equipment
  • Fin Seal or Lap Seal – A Fin Seal is formed when the inside surfaces of the film meet and seal against themselves. A Lap Seal is formed when the inside surface of the film seals to the opposite or outer surface of the film.  These are both used on Form, Fill, and Seal Automatic equipment based on machines requirements.
  • Zipper – A Zipper can be placed on roll-stock, resulting in more flexibility during manufacturing, or can be automatically applied at forming of the bag.

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