Northeast Packaging Materials has been a leading manufacturer and importer of laminated films and pouches for a wide array of industries.


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Northeast Packaging Materials – High Quality Packaging Products

Northeast Packaging Materials is a leader in the industry and is dedicated to staying on top of the latest trends and technology developments in the field. All of our packaging materials are designed and constructed with your specifications and bottom line in mind.

Barrier Film, Laminated Film, Roll Stock, Stand-Up Pouches and Much More

Protecting your products from the elements has a direct correlation to its overall quality, and this in turn, effects your customers’ satisfaction. So in order to ensure your products (especially food products) stay fresher, longer, you’re going to need top-of-the-line materials and sound construction to accommodate your product. All of our packaging materials are formulated to keep contents at an optimal level of freshness for longer, while presenting the items attractively, with your design specifications in mind.

Barrier film is specifically formulated to protect products from oxygen, moisture, light, heat, etc. In addition to barrier film, we also produce laminated film, with the option of in-line flexographic or rotogravure printing that gives you a bold, professional package, inside and out. We also produce roll stock, stand-up pouches, re-sealable pouches, retort pouches, heat seal, cold seal and much more.

Versatile Selection of Packaging Products Designed to Meet Your Specifications

At Northeast Packaging Materials, all of our packaging products are custom tailored to your exact specifications. We stop at nothing to get every detail right, every time. We can produce what you need with whatever material you require, whether it’s foil, nylon, paper, polyester, polyethylene or polypropylene. But we don’t just stop at the materials: we understand that how you seal the materials is another key to an optimal product. Your packaging could be closed with a heat seal, cold seal, plastic zipper application—whatever you see fit for your product, we can produce and surpass your expectations.

So call Northeast Packaging Materials and get started today!

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