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Pet Food Packaging

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When designing and manufacturing pet food packaging, the package presents unique challenges of the market. Pet food contains many ingredients of various textures, shapes and sizes. Packaging materials for pet food have to be able to withstand the constant movement as the package travels to the store, when it is placed on the shelf, and eventually into the shopping carts and cars of the end consumer. Pet foods also contain ingredients that require barriers from the elements and therefore must be properly contained in suitable packaging, designed with easy opening features. One available feature of pet food packaging is a re-closeable seal for reuse, which is incorporated in the design and construction of the packaging, should it be desired. The size and shape of the packages are pallet-friendly, which enables easy loading into delivery trucks and warehouses, eventually making their way to store displays.

Northeast Packaging has been producing high quality pet food packaging products for close to 30 years. All our packaging is custom designed – we do not stock any product. This ensures that your solution is the best quality packaging for your pet food needs.

Our pet packaging solutions are engineered to ensure the pet food remains fresh, allows for extended shelf life, while preventing spoilage and scent seepage. The use of various laminated film structures preserve the contents and retain the important nutrients of the pet food, which are vital for the pet’s health and well-being.

The outer design of the packaging, including the logo and graphics, add aesthetic appeal to the products and make the difference in which brand your customers may choose. Our experience with  printing your custom design on the pet food packaging will give your product the edge in the battle for visual appeal.

When you need custom packaging for pet food products, Northeast Packaging has the knowledge and experience to bring you the very best solution for your needs, at a competitive price and with the very finest and personal service. Choose Northeast Packaging today for all your pet food needs.

Pet food packaging solutions for:

  • Pet treats (Dog/Cat/Small Mammals)
  • Moist Pet Food (Dog/Cat)
  • Frozen Pet Food
  • Dry Kibbles
  • Pet Supplements
  • Pet Vitamins
  • Cat Litter
  • Cat Nip
  • Bulk Pet Food



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The right packaging for pet food needs to be so much more than a simple package. Pet owners today want the best for their pets, and the packaging needs to do everything to communicate to the pet owner, “Take good care of your pet by buying this!” I want nothing more than to put my 25 years of experience in developing custom solutions to work for your pet food products. Give me a call now – I can’t wait to hear from you.

Stewart Braun

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