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Northeast Packaging: Putting the Perfection into Food Packaging

Did you know…

…that the food packaging industry is worth over $110 billion in annual sales?

…that an estimated 350 million food packages exist at any given time on U.S. grocery shelves?

You may not have known that, but we do. And that’s why we’re here to help you.

It’s a manufacturer’s nightmare. A consumer picks his product off the shelf, brings it home … and is horrified to find that the food is spoiled.
Contaminated food, food that is no longer fresh, products that leak … These things happen – but they’re enough to damage a company’s reputation.

Here at Northeast Packaging we know that packaging plays a crucial role in a product’s success. That’s why our team of dedicated technicians will work tirelessly to ensure that your product receives a unique, custom-made package that will maintain the special environment your product needs, while keeping out dust, light and moisture.

With tamper-proof features to prevent contamination and pilferage; convenient and easy to open and close packaging; portion-controlled sizes to guide consumers on the proper amounts of use; and built-in mechanisms to keep materials safe from breakage, our packages are a revolution in the world of industry.

From dry mixes to dried fruits, spices to salad dressing, soup to sauces, cereal to flour, nuts to snacks, we are at your side with custom packaging that will please both you and consumers all over. (Please note that we only provide custom packaging, not stock bags).

In today’s competitive market, which products will receive coveted shelf space? This is where the aesthetic aspect of packaging comes in. Your product may be a wonderful asset to every home … but if it doesn’t look the part, consumers won’t buy it. We are committed to making your product stand out with eco-friendly packaging, user-friendly features, and innovative, eye-catching design.

With 25 years of experience in the packaging industry, we have the foresight, experience, and devotion necessary to make your product a worldwide success.
Northeast Packaging Materials … We’re here for you.

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In today’s extremely competitive food market, how will your product stand out from the rest? It needs a well-designed package that will tempt the consumer to purchase, from a unique design to a clever functionality. I will personally work with you to create a custom packaging solution that will get your product the exposure it needs to succeed.

Stewart Braun

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